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The Objective

The objective of the Exuma Youth Empowerment Center is to provide a fun-filled, yet safe atmosphere that parents would feel comfortable allowing their children to attend. Fun is defined as creative, stimulating, progressive action; thus, crafters, and vocational professionals will be constantly available to oversee activities.

The Library & Computer Lab

A library equipped with computers and the necessary tools for completing projects, home-assignments, and course-work is readily available. Volunteers man hotlines throughout the week to assist with home-assignments. 


Mind stimulating and logical interactive discussions are staged via debates and symposiums at regular intervals throughout the year.

Junior Achievers learn Entrepreneurship

To encourage young entrepreneurship, Junior Achiever Companies are encouraged to operate the café alternately, as a part of ongoing competitions, and to gain experience in a turn-key operation.

The Centre is a non-profit entity, thus funds are welcomed from residents and visitors alike. Fundraisers which take place several times throughout the year, Café funds and donations, combine to assist with operational and maintenance costs.

Other non-profit organizations will be welcome access to office/storage space, once the building is completed. 

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A 4-way


for Success


Responsible for securing funding, identifying activities, recruiting volunteers, trainers and academic assistants as well as planing for and tracking growth



Responsible for overseeing the EYEC members and ensuring the teens safety while also assisting instructors. 



Community leaders, business leaders and visiting trainers will impart special skills that empower our youth. [Contact us to sign up today]


Parents are assured that their children are in a positive, safe, educational environment.

Students have an oasis where they feel welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged to partake in challenges. Through constant success, confidence and innovation will become the foundation for tomorrow.